Traveling on PA route 487 in Sullivan County, about 8 miles from the north end, one finds the quaint little town of Lopez.  Greeting visitors and travelers is a display consisting of a welcome sign, a bench to rest and absorb the scenery, 5 bombs hitting the ground spelling out LOPEZ, an unmanned military drone, and the American flag on a pole.  The sign was given by Helen and sons Gordon and Alan Papke in memory of husband and father Gordon.  The rest was procured and erected by John Borick of Lopez and New Jersey.  These articles were available to John and makes an attractive park display.  It serves as a reminder of the record number of service persons from Lopez that were in World War II. Lopez had the highest percentage of persons in the war in the country.  Just beyond the bombs is the little lake that is the home of our own "Nessy" of the lake, again provided by John Borick and just renovated by Brian McGuire.

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